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Most warehouses of third-party logistics providers are different. So are the products that 3PL providers store for their clients. This makes every client case unique. Having said that, there are a number of basic processes that 3PL providers will always need in a warehouse to ensure that the products end up in the right truck or van. VanRiet offers intralogistics solutions for these processes for parcels, boxes, totes and polybags.

Cross-docking solution

Sometimes a client needs a sorting solution without storage. Directly from the trucks, the orders will be loaded onto the sorting system, which will sort the boxes or polybags to the right exit and van or truck.

Total Solution

Order picking, conveying, consolidation, packing, sorting and loading: VanRiet can do it all. Together we design the optimal warehouse solution to create the best intralogistic process for your client.

Sorting Solution

In many cases a sorting solution at the end of the intralogistic process is the first step towards mechanization and automation. It is a good start to optimize your warehousing solution.