Cross Docking

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1. Unloading

Unloading parcels from your truck or van onto your sorting system is a challenging phase in the cross-docking process. The unloading is often performed manually and it has to be done within the shortest possible time, without damaging the products. To preserve your employees’ health, it is important to create an ergonomic workspace that requires minimal lifting and walking. VanRiet will help you meet these challenges through innovative and efficient solutions. Our product range includes flexible and extendable conveyors, truck unloaders and small foldable, extendable conveyors for improved ergonomics when unloading smaller vans.


2. Indoor conveying

Your intralogistics system is connected by conveyors, the veins of your solution. Therefor the conveyors should be reliable and easy to maintain. VanRiet offers a large variety of conveyors. Combi-drive belt conveyors, powered roller conveyors, fabric belt conveyors and modular belt conveyors are all part of VanRiet’s product portfolio. Our conveyors are developed to guarantee minimal downtime and easy maintenance.

3. Consolidation and (re)packing

After unloading, the products are automatically transported to the consolidation area. In this area all products come together at the induction line and will be sorted to the correct packing table. Here the products will be repacked or packed together to form larger shipments.


4. Checking and identification

To keep track of your orders, you need tracking devices throughout the process. We design and integrate fully automatic identification, weighing, volume-scanning and dimensional weight-scanning equipment, with a legal-for-trade certification depending on your application. VanRiet only integrates A-brand identification equipment to ensure minimal “no-read” levels, as well as optimal sortation quality and efficiency.


5. Sorting

Sorting the parcels at high speed in the right direction of the sorting solution without damaging the products is one of the most dynamic and complex stages of the cross-docking process. Since downtime is a definite no-go in this process, VanRiet offers several easy-to-maintain sorting solutions. Our patented closed-deck HC sorter prevents cartons from getting stuck between the slats and lowers noise emissions, even at a speed of up to 3 meters per second. The recently developed IQ-Grid™ represents a new generation of wheel-sorting solutions. This flexible and bi-directional sorting system is the perfect solution if there is much distance between the outfeeds of the sorter.


6. Loading

Loading the parcels from the sorter into the trucks can be quite an intensive, time-consuming process as it is often done manually. VanRiet can moderate this process by using truck loaders, flexible and extendable conveyors and small foldable extendable conveyors, which will improve your workers’ ergonomics.